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From burnout to breakthrough - prioritising wellbeing to achieve success: Rise & Shine Podcast

Updated: Apr 4

In today’s episode of the Rise & Shine Podcast, we will be hearing from local writer and educator Martine Ellis who was our guest speaker at our May event.

Martine left a senior leadership role in finance to become a trainee teacher. Following this major career change, Martine experienced severe burnout, which, it turned out, was partly due to undiagnosed autism.

Understanding that significant life changes were needed, Martine began developing and practising wellbeing-driven productivity. Now, she is thriving both personally and professionally and helps others do the same.

Listen to the full episode by clicking the play button below. If you enjoy listening, please subscribe to this podcast.


Rise & Shine Podcast is sponsored by Copper, providing collaborative, simple and creative social media solutions to make your business flourish online.

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